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What’s bulk water?

Bulk water is water that is purchased in bulk, it is usually intended for potable use and is transported by a water tanker truck or water truck. You’ve probably seen a local water hauler delivering in your neighborhood or driving on the highway.

These water delivery services provide a valuable service to many people who depend on it for drinking purposes, home use, swimming pools, irrigation and even for event production

The water haulers must be certified to operate in their home state. They must also adhere to regulatory authorities to ensure that they have the proper sanitation procedures in place. There is also a series of transportation safety measures that must be followed.

Usually, water truck operators must renew their certification on an annual basis.

Who buys bulk water?

There are many types of companies and people that require water delivery service. The many uses for water delivery include filling swimming pools, emergency water service as well for use at construction sites and street washing.

How much is bulk water?

Not as much as you think.

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